In March 2014 we began working on StreetSoundMusic’s SEO campaign. Since then they have seen phenomenal results. Results in the form of higher positioning within the Google search engine, more traffic to their website, and more sales through their online store.

We setup this page as a case study of what has been achieved for them, how we achieved it, and how we can do the same for you. This case study is brought to you by RM Northampton SEO


During our time working together, the objective of the campaign was first and foremost on improving the positioning in Google.

An old statistic from 2012 showed in a single month there were 2,300,000,000. That is 2.3 billion if you’re struggling to count the zeros.

It is no secret that search engines are the future. People no longer pick up a little yellow book and look for a company.

We knew that by pushing SSM to the top of Google, above their competitors, they would immediately see a dramatic increase in buyers.


After beginning the implementation of the new search engine optimisation campaign, the results became clear immediately.

While it does take time for changes to reflect, with the sheer popularity of the SSM website, in terms of active user base, and backlink profile – within a month the traffic was up 5%.

The next month it was up 20% from the starting amount. Over time this kept on increasing at rapid pace. These were not just information researches either, the number of buyers was increasing by a similar amount also.

While this was happening, we began testing phase 2 – conversion optimisation. If we could increase the number of people that buy out of the number of visitors, even by 1%, they would see a dramatic increase in revenue.


What happened in the end?

We managed to increase the conversion rate by 7.14%. This means that an extra 7.14% of visitors buy now, that never used to.

On top of this, over the many months we have been working together now, SSM have seen an increase of 422% in traffic to their website.

Unfortunately we cannot share the financial specifics with you out of client confidentiality. But we can let you know that SSM have made a very high ROI on their SEO campaign and have agreed a 1 year extension on our agreement months before it is due to end.

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